Earning Points

Bully's Kids Club allows our members to be rewarded for going to events. 

How Does A Child Earn BKC Reward Points?

Every time a child attends a BKC points-eligible event at Mississippi State, they have the opportunity to earn rewards points which can then be redeemed by each child for exclusive BKC-only prizes in the new online Prize Store.


At these events where attendance is FREE for BKC members (all home women's basketball games, select home men's basketball games, and all home baseball games), the check-in process is seamless. To make this easy for all kids and parents, we have simplified the entry process for BKC members at these events. Instead of having to go to the ticket office to show the child's BKC ID and claim their ticket, you now have two simple options:

  1. BKC MOBILE APP - Pull up the digital BKC member ID card for the child on the BKC parent app and scan the QR code on the ticket scanner at the entrance.
  2. BKC MEMBER ID - Simply scan the QR code on their official BKC member ID card on the ticket scanner at the entrance
Not only will scanning in allow your child FREE admission to these events, they will seamlessly earn their BKC reward points as well.


MSU is proud to offer a number of sporting events which are entirely FREE for the whole family. These events include: volleyball, soccer, softball, men's and women's tennis, track and field, and men's & women's golf. There are also a select few MSU events where BKC members do not gain free admission. These events include, football and men's basketball.

To earn BKC reward points for these events, simply open the BKC parent app upon entering, click the "Check-In" button listed next to the event, and select which children are in attendance. The app will verify your geolocation using your phone's GPS and check the selected children in for the game, awarding them their attendance points at the same time.

Tell Me More About This New BKC App...

The BKC app can now be downloaded on the parent's Apple or Android device to remotely manage their child's account. This app will offer a digital BKC ID card for each child listed on that parent's account. The app makes it easy to gain entrance and check-in for ticketed MSU events, and is the sole method for checking-in at non-ticketed MSU events. 

The app also serves as a schedule to show members all of the upcoming MSU games and BKC events at which points can be earned, and will offer a mobile Prize Store for members to redeem points for exclusive events and prizes. To download, just search for "Bully's Kids Club" in your phone's app store. 

For a full list of the points breakdown by sport, click HERE.